Scarcity Zero Whitepaper

Our world as we know it is made possible by energy and resources. As vital requirements for civilization to function, the drive to secure access to both has shaped much of human history and dominated the global order until present day. As this drive frequently occurs under a zero-sum paradigm (where each gain for one actor necessarily entails a loss for another) it spawns circumstances that present severe social and ecological impact. The insatiable demand for energy and resources are a primary cause of both environmental destruction and climate change. A lack of resources is a primary cause of economic decline, civil instability, poverty and famine. Ambitions of securing resources abroad is a primary cause of imperialism and war, along with the unquantifiable fortunes and lives they devour. Resource scarcity is a core human malady, and a curse upon our species.

We propose a system that can solve this challenge of resource scarcity. Our strategy is to deploy the most capable energy technologies we have available into an open-source framework that produces both energy and resources as dedicated functions that are designed to work cooperatively. Integrating modularity, standardization, cogeneration and scalability into each facet of system design allows the framework to be mass-produced and rapidly deployed. It also allows for the waste energy of one technology to be harnessed to power the functions of others at maximum efficiency. Combined, this enables a dramatic increase in energy available to society at proportionally lower cost, enabling the sustainable production of vital resources as well as dedicated systems that can capture carbon and recycle waste at scale.