Print Copies of The Next Giant Leap

The Next Giant Leap proposes solutions to resource scarcity and climate change. It outlines blueprints for a system - Universal Energy - that can accomplish this task by deploying the best energy technologies we have available into a framework that’s designed to work cooperatively from the ground-up. Universal Energy’s purpose is to revolutionize how we power our civilization and acquire resources, while at the same time heal the widespread damage humanity has inflicted on our planet.

Developed to remove the limitations of scarcity, resource conflict and need, Universal Energy is software for the great challenges of our time and a platform to build our civilization to greater heights.

413 pages, 200+ graphics, 672 citations, 7x10" dimensions.

100% of proceeds go to The Next Giant Leap foundation and are tax-deductible once we obtain 501(c)(3) status with the Internal Revenue Service.

Price: $44.99 + shipping