About this project

The Next Giant Leap is a project with a mission - to develop and promote solutions to resource scarcity, climate change and the ecological problems of our time.

It is founded on the belief that resource scarcity is the core malady of the human condition, and that most any problem of past or present can be laid squarely at its feet. The darkness of our history, the challenges of our present, the limitations to our future - all, at their core basis, can be reduced to resource scarcity and the economic implications presented by scarcity in a zero-sum game.

Now that the planet we call home faces unprecedented stress as our population and resource consumption exponentially expands, reaching the future those who came before us devoted their lives to help build requires a new model, and a new perspective. One that heals the ecological damage caused by our hands, and one that is further capable of building a new framework to make the concepts of scarcity and need foundationally irrelevant.

This project is devoted to establishing such a framework, which it calls Universal Energy.

Universal Energy is social software for the great challenges of our time, blueprints to deploy the best energy and resource-producing technologies we have available today in way that maximizes their strengths and allows them to work together to build a new solution. Its goal is to generate enough clean energy at a low enough cost that we can become capable, for the first time in our history, to synthetically produce the most vital resources our civilization requires, and thereafter use this achievement to build a brighter future and a better world.

This goal of reaching a post-scarcity world is not easy. But it is vital. Yet it takes the support of people like you to help spread the word to achieve its mission.

If you deem this project worthy, whatever support you can offer is greatly beneficial and appreciated. Please feel free to get in touch at any time.

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