A5: Citation Policy

As The Next Giant Leap covers a large scope of material that is technical in nature, maximizing readability is of paramount importance. As such, I've opted to adopt a citation style reflecting of that. In practice, the following citation conventions are applied as much as possible:

Articles, data sheets, journals, whitepapers, and documents are directly hyperlinked in their respective citation numbers, allowing easily readability. When possible, documents are cited with page numbers directly embedded in the URL.

For example: http://sitename.org/document_title/data.pdf#p53

In this link, p53 equals "page 53." As the "#" modifier in a URL points to a named link, the PDF file will load fine with that URL, enabling easy retrieval of the data in question. Further, virtual sources enable rapid “searching” via most web browsers of PDF viewers – providing easy retrieval of relevant data points. PDF + virtual copies of The Next Giant Leap will have direct links in the citations.

For whitepapers and data PDFs of a short or self-explanatory nature, or where the general facts are provided on the cover/summary/abstract, or documents designed to provide 'general conceptual information' as opposed to a specific factual citation, no page numbers are included in the URL structure. If you find a citation that you believe to be 1) broken (dead link), 2) unclear, 3) misinterpreted, please get in touch and let me know so it can be fixed.