Mission Roadmap

Our organization began with a single question: if resource scarcity is the core malady of the human condition, how can we build and deploy systems that can make it irrelevant? We aim to answer that question through four stages of focus:

Stage I: Model Frameworks

Status: Complete

The Next Giant Leap's mission is founded on promoting open-source methods that can help revolutionize how we generate energy and acquire resources. They are the result of many thousands of hours of research, systems development, writing, editing, fact-checking and multimedia design. While they will evolve over time as new technology emerges, research is updated and more flexible opportunities for integration become possible, this current stage is complete. All necessary expenditures have been paid 100% out of pocket, and we’re moving to the next stage with zero debts.

Stage II: Social Conversations

Status: In-Progress

We believe that the arc of humanity’s technological revolution is only getting started, and that our near future holds transformational potential beyond what our already rapid progress has proven possible. We believe further that the capabilities this potential presents stands to overhaul most every sector of our society. The nature of manufacturing, communication, computing, finance, medicine, education, public service and the underlying philosophies therein enter a new era once energy and resources are no longer constraining factors. The same is true for the global economy, mutually beneficial trading relationships, the possibility for international cooperation and consensus on conflict mitigation.

A world spared of zero-sum games is the ultimate foundation to build a bright future for both our species and our planet, and advocating for that world - and the tools that can help us build it - is the current stage of our mission.

To this end, we aim to fundraise and commission an extensive library of multimedia assets that can help explain how building a smart and dynamic energy framework can drastically improve our way of life. We seek to make these concepts household conversations, discussed on social media, debated in classrooms and manifested in blueprints. Just as open-source software started by entering a new frontier with a new idea, we seek to do the same with open-source energy. Leveraging the tools of the information age, videos, podcasts, infographics and interactive web applications will be broadcast to increase our subscriber base - which over certain channels can retain a revolving source of revenue to finance ongoing growth and social impact in the public interest.

Stage III: Public Interest Projects

Once our mission and the tools that make it possible have been introduced to the public on a large scale and sufficient funding has been secured, our goals will shift towards building projects in communities within the wide array of focuses identified by our frameworks. While we will start small, it is our aim to eventually grow to the point where we are able to help build public-interest social infrastructure anywhere in the nation. Within areas of energy generation, resource production, material synthesis, affordable housing, urban farming, waste management or technology development - we aim to both build systems and invent methods for the public interest as a public service that are eventually owned by the public domain.

These efforts will be coordinated through the creation of what this project calls The Public Interest Company, which is the combination of a nonprofit organization with the structure of a commercial enterprise and the mission of a public service. The goal of this organization is to offer otherwise commercial services for the public interest - meaning net profits are both limited and reinvested exclusively for an expansion of mission or charitable causes. Think Newman’s Own, except for energy and resources. For more information on The Public Interest Company, please review details within Universal Energy's Implementation Strategy.

Stage IV: Exponential Scale

Our mission is to use technology to make energy and resource limitations irrelevant - not only because that can solve the major problems of our time, but also because it can raise the floor for everyone to contribute to and advance our globalized society to the best of their ability. We embrace the mindsets of Collective Capitalism and Circular Economics because we believe our civilization can operate can operate from a position of maximum capability when it operates from a position of maximum strength.

Throughout most of history, the global powers of mankind have been on some flavor of war footing. If not waging it outright or funding it in secret, nations have been ever-seeking a strategic advantage or means in which to dominate and destroy their adversaries. The untold fortunes and life squandered in these pursuits may have made their mark on our species, but the mindsets behind them now hold us back while compromising our future. The singular difference between the past and today is our newfound capability to remove resource scarcity as a means of both power acquisition or cause for conflict. As resource scarcity is the primary driver of conflict throughout history, it is our belief that our nature of mutually beneficial cooperation is stronger than our nature of mutually beneficial destruction.

Should we grow to a point where we have an opportunity to prove this as fact, we will consider it our duty to do so for as long as this organization stands, and as such will seek to provide electricity, fuel, water, food and building materials - and the systems that both produce and recycle them - not just anywhere in the world, but everywhere in the world.

For more information about our operating structure, finances or progress, please click here or contact us.